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About The Blog

Launched in 2020, Code Rapper is a software engineering blog that aims to provide quality articles on software development, design, and testing. Currently, it focuses on articles about Java and Spring but I’m planning to expand the blog with more technologies in the future.

About Me

Hey! I’m Nick Dimitrakopoulos and currently, I’m an undergraduate computer science student at the Harokopio University of Athens. When I made my first Hello World program at the age of 12, I immediately knew that it was my destiny to get involved with programming. Currently, at the age of 19, I’m trying to get experience in various IT-related fields to increase my value as a software engineer. When I don’t code, I’ll probably watch football or an F1 race. Netflix will always be a tempting choice. Or maybe I’ll decide to go out for a walk, who knows.

Want to contact me? Please email me at [email protected].

Why Code Rapper?

Because I like rap. I usually listen to rap/trap when programming because its’ dynamic style pushes me to go harder. Another reason is that I see coding as a way of art. Imagine coding as if it was a rap kind. I want one day to be able to produce the best code raps in the industry.